Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Professor Fix-It:MCAS Uh-Oh

Dear Professor Fix-It,

When we had MCAS, our ELA teacher said that we had to make a graphic organizer, she said it's supposed to help us. The problem is I stink at graphic organizers, they don't help me, they mess me up! I am really worried about what my score will be since I think doing the graphic organizer messed up my writing. HELP ME!!!!

Help Please,

Dear MCAS Uh-Oh,

First of all, it sounds like you're stressing yourself out more than necessary. A lot of kids worry about MCAS but here is a Pro Tip; MCAS tests the teachers and school not the kids. For the graphic organizer ask your teacher, she’ll be able to help you, not every graphic organizer will work for you, ask her to help you find a graphic organizer that works best for you.

Good Luck,
Professor Fix-It
Field Trip to the Boston Symphony Orchestra!
By Lisa and Madeline

On March 23rd, kids in the Orchestra are going to visit the Boston Symphony Orchestra.    At 8:00 am, the kids in the Orchestra will walk down to the office and be accompanied by Mrs. Elliot.  From there, they will hop on a bus to Boston.  The bus might face traffic along the way, which may cause some delays.  Once the students reach their destination, they will be able to watch the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s performance from there.  It’ll be the most musical time of their lives!  The students will get to hear some of the world’s best musicians rehearse while they are there!  Songs like the Le Corsaire Overture and one of Beethoven’s famous songs called the Pastoral Symphony will be performed by the talented musicians.  
The conductor who will conduct the musicians is the man by the name of Francois-Xavier Roth.  Born in Paris, 1971, he leads two orchestras called the Gurzenich and the Cologne Orchestras.  He is known for his charisma.  Also, he was recently appointed as the principal guest conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra.  
Another famous person who will be at the Boston Symphony Orchestra is Alisa Weilerstein.  She is a cello soloist, who was a prodigy in music.  She is well known for capturing emotion in many kinds of music, and how intense her playing can become.  At age two and a half, she played a rice krispies box cello and immediately wanted to play a real one.  Eventually, her parents bought her a real cello once she was 4.  From there, she became a star with the cello.  She performed in many famous orchestras, and is still continuing playing her cello for much more!         
When the kids have to go back home, they’ll have to go on the bus.  It’ll be pretty sad for them to leave, but lucky for them, they would’ve already skip the entire school day!  They are expected to arrive at 2:00.   However, if there is traffic, they could miss the bus ride home!  Fortunately, all students have prepared for this very likely situation.   It’ll be some of the best field trips these students will ever have!

Run for the Troops

Vincent Candela

On Sunday, April 23, 2017 run for the Troops will take place in downtown Andover to help raise money for a new home for Roger Rue. Also, according to the Run for the Troops 5k’s website, “The event also helps raise awareness to the needs of our injured soldiers, something the public may forget unless we remind them there is a hard human cost to maintain our freedoms”, so this event is to remind us of our veteran’s needs that need to be met. This
For a mere twenty seven dollars, participants can sign up either to run either individually or as a team and for five more, a pancake breakfast. The event has mile markers with clocks and is clearly marked. There are prizes for by age group and there will be live entertainment and refreshments.

Vacation Poll!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Cultural Night Continued

Katie Budinger courtesy of Rohini Josh

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” However, an event at Wood Hill Middle School will allow parents and kids to travel the world without ever stepping out of Andover. The event, called Cultural Night, will have student ‘travel agents’ to direct people and passports that will be stamped at every table you visit. Cultural Night will showcase ethnic foods, clothing, artifacts, and crafts in Wood Hill’s gym and auditorium. Refreshments will be provided at a food court in the cafeterias. There are going to be some incredible performances including a Chinese Lion Dance and a Fashion Show. Activities like Mask-making, Origami, and Henna are also being planned. But no trip can be complete without some group photos as souvenirs! Fortunately, we will have a photobooth where you can pose against various cultural backgrounds to complete your trip across the globe. There will also be a logo contest running until April 12th! The theme is "In Diversity there is Beauty and there is strength." You can turn your logos into your foreign language teacher or down in the office. Be sure to come to this amazing event on May 4th from 6-8!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cultural Diversity Night

An interview with Dr. Croteau by Emily Flanagan and Shannon Chu

Q:  What is Cultural Diversity Night about?

A:  A way to celebrate different cultures.

Q:  How can you participate?

You can sign up to show an aspect of your culture(craft, skill, or geography), perform (dance, sing, or play an instrument),or  bring in food that reflects culture. Attending is also participating. There will be lots of fun events such as learning to dance, playing instruments and eating food. Mr. Bucco has put together a cakewalk which is similar to musical chairs, but you win cakes. There will also be a fashion show, and raffles you can participate in.

Q:  What booths are going to be there?

A:  There will be food in the cafeteria. Crafts and artifacts in the gymnasium. In the HUB you will have access to digital shows and green screens.  Performances will be held in the auditorium.Q:  Is this the first time?

A:  This is the first time that Wood Hill and High Plain have done this event.

Q:  Is there any adult participation?

A:  Yes. Adults will be making food, doing henna, demonstrating music and musical instruments. Both families and teachers will be participating.

Q:  Why are we having this event?

A:  Because such a high percentage of students who identify with other cultures. You will be able to see different aspects of their cultures that you may not notice during the school day.


 by : Jaden Julia

There is a new mural on 6 West. It is at the entrance of it in the hallway. We wanted to find out more about it. We interviewed Miss Marfleet who is the 6 West special needs teacher.

Q:  What is the mural about?
A:  It's about Andover.

Q: What is the theme of the mural?
A :The theme is friendship and community.
Q: Who is painting the mural?
A: 6 West students are painting the mural.

Q: What is the team doing with the senior center?
A: We shared our artifacts with the seniors and the seniors came up with there own artifacts to share.

Q: How long will it take to complete?
A: On April 12 the seniors are coming to see the mural.

Q: When did they started?
A: It was started March 15.