Monday, June 13, 2016

Year in Review Video

The Wood Hill News' final video of the year is a Year in Review highlighting the top stories during the 2015-2016 school year. Please watch!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Family Fun Night

by Arianna Hinds, Alana MacKay-Kao, and Emme Pitts

Family Fun Night was on Friday, May 6th. It was a fundraiser for the Destination Imagination team―Mega V―to raise money to go to the Globals competition in Tennessee.
There were many fun games including a cakewalk, (a game in which you are sitting a chair, and assigned with a number. If your number is called you win a cake!) cookie face, (a game in which you balance a cookie on your forehead and try to direct it into your mouth) and dodgeball, which is self explanatory. Every game had a variety of amazing prizes that you could win. Some of the prizes were homework passes, cakes, candy and more! In addition to the games, there was hoverboard rides, hovercraft rides, karaoke, and live entertainment by local bands and singers (local meaning from our school) to entertain everyone.

Mega V and the three other Destination Imagination teams from Andover need all the help they can get to get them to Destination Imagination Global Finals. Globals is an amazing experience, and we know all of the teams going will do very well. We wish them luck and hope they have fun!

Julius Caesar Play - 7West

By Alex Hazelwood and Iliana Brouillette

This year 7West is doing the Life of Julius Caesar for their annual play. Everyone on 7West is participating in this event. The play will be held on Thursday June 9th. The whole school is invited to attend, parents of performing students are invited too. Last year the 7West production was Ulysses.  Each year they chose an important figure in history. This year's play is expected to be better than plays in the past.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Wood Hill Chorus Spring Concert

by Alana MacKay-Kao

The Wood Hill Chorus is a fun place to sing with your peers, and perform all different kinds of songs. Speaking of songs, they will be singing four at their Spring Concert. Can You Hear by Jim Papoulis, In This Ancient House by Ruth Morris Gray, Riversong by Roger Emerson, and the Kids’ Choice song, which is yet to be decided. The theme for this year’s Spring Concert is “music of the world”, and the songs they will be performing are either from or based all over the world. Can You Hear is based in Africa, In This Ancient House in Japan, Riversong in Ireland, and once again the Kids’ Choice song is yet to be decided. They will be performing for the Wood Hill students at 1pm on Tuesday, June 7th, and again at 7pm. Come watch them perform!

DI Team Raises Money with Raffles

By Alex Hazelwood and Iliana Brouillette

The Wood Hill DI Team is holding raffles to help raise money for Globals in Tennessee. Tickets are $1 each and they are selling tickets during lunch. If you win you could win being principal for a day or have a pizza party with Ms. O'Dea.