Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Musical Winter Wonderland
By Lisa and Madeline Shin

On January 19th, there will be a winter concert at the Wood Hill auditorium.  It will start at one pm, but for the students that are playing or singing music, they must come at 12:30 to the auditorium.  Chorus, Orchestra, and Band will perform on this day.  At the concert, you can hear appealing music played by these three groups.  Each group’s music is different, but you will be amazed of how it is to hear music in many different styles.  These students have been preparing and playing music for a long time, so they are pumped for the concert.  This concert is a lesson to the audience that hard work pays off in the end.

This year, many students will be participating in the winter concert.  The three musical groups each have wonderful songs to play.  Ms. Elliott, Mr. Wright, and Mrs. Pratt are just few of the great people who have contributed to this concert.  When the winter concert does come around though, there will be some rules to follow.  The main rule is to stay silent while the players are performing.  It is disrespectful and talking distracts you from the delightful music. The students who are playing have practiced hard for this concert and disrupting their performance is not advised.  The other rule is to enjoy listening to the music.  The music varies from hymns to drum beating, so you hear a lot of diverse music.

Are you ready for a snow shower of sparkly music from the Orchestra?  Or a huge blast of singing from the Chorus or a nice snowflake tune from the flute?  The student’s performance will amaze you with their determination for good wintery music.  The rhythm and intonation will blow the snow out of your yard.  If you enjoy the concert, you can watch it again at 7:00 pm, but with your family.  Whatever it is, wear a warm jacket because the ultimate snowstorm is coming, the Winter Concert.

SING!!! The movie of singing and struggling

By:Emily Flanagan
Sing is hysterical movie about an unlikely group chosen to be in a singing contest. The director Mr. Moon is on the verge of going bankrupt. After a printing mistake each contestant is offered a chance to win $100,000, instead of the actual $1,000, which was a possibility to afford. After lots of drama when everything is going wrong, no one knows what to do. Will the unlikely group be able to pull it together, or is this show doomed along with everything they've put on the line?

Gunter-The flashy pig

Mike-The sly cheating mouse

Ash-The Rock and Roll teenager

Buster Moon-Executive Director

Rosita-Supermom of 25 kids

 Johnny-Reformed Thief

Meena-Shy Superstar

Professor Fix-It: Dear Lunch Buddies

Dear Professor Fix-It,

My best friend at lunch, always sits with other people. I don’t get to see her that much because we only have academics together. And she doesn't sit next to me in any of our classes. What should I do?


Lunch Buddies

Dear Lunch Buddies,

Your friend is probably trying to branch out and make some new friends. You might want to try it too. Lunch is probably the only time they have to hang out. Try not to be upset or angry with her, try asking her to sit with you at lunch one day. Even if she doesn't want to sit with you just be there and be a supportive friend.

Professor Fix-It 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Professor Fix-It: Nervous

Dear Professor Fix-It,

Last trimester my grades slipped from an A to a B. My parents are really worried. All of the sudden I have no free time since my parents want me to do homework all of the time. I am not worried so why are they?


Dear Nervous,

An A to B really is not a huge slip. Your parents are just probably worried that if you slipped now, you might slip again and not be able to catch up. Like I said before, it is not a huge grade difference but a slip now could mean that this trimester will be harder than the last because you might not have the solid foundation that everyone else has. Don't worry too much though as long as you work hard there's nothing to worry about.


Professor Fix-It

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Teacher Feature: Ms. Early

By: Iliana Brouillette
Interview By: Arianna Hinds

Mrs. Early is the new Special Education teacher. You can find her room is on the 6 West wing. The three months she has been at Wood Hill has given her a chance to get a nice glimpse of the school She loves the community of the students and faculty. Outside of the school, she enjoys shopping, dancing, and coaching field hockey.  Forever whimsical, she believes in unicorns, and prefers ice cream over cake. By the way, the panda is her spirit animal.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Teacher Feature: Mrs. Bobzin

By: Shannon Chu and Emily Flanagan

Ms. Bobzin is a new chorus teacher this year at Wood Hill. She grew up in South Jersey in the cornfields. She is an Alto that sings Frauenliebe und Leben, a song cycle by Schumann. She wants the chorus to make powerful music. As a kid she played softball, did Girl Scouts and liked to run around and enjoyed playing with bugs.

She sang in chorus as a kid and loved it so much she wanted to continue her passion her entire life. After school she likes to folk dance. If she was not a chorus teacher, she would want to sing in choirs and dance all over the country. Her favorite part of her job is when a group gets a hard song and everyone gets super excited. When she was in school her favorite subjects were choir (because she loves to sing) and Latin. Her favorite animals are cats and chickadees, likewise she has one cat for a pet. Her favorite part of teaching middle school chorus is being able to explore the meaning of the world and sense of self through the power of song.

Teacher Feature: Mrs. Craven

By: Iliana Brouillette
Interview By: Jasmine Stevens

Mrs. Craven is a new special education teacher down on the
6 West wing. Before Wood Hill she went to Burlington High, worked as a property manager and a daycare provider. Her favorite subject was ELA. She became a special education teacher because she has a special needs brother and saw how her brother's teacher helped others. She is a social thinking and math teacher, her favorite part of this job is working with other social thinking teachers, as well as children in small groups. After school she can't do very much because she has children, which is why she would be a stay at home mom if she wasn't a teacher. Her favorite movie is Les Miserables. Her favorite book is the Bible and she went on a mission trip to Trinidad a few years ago.