Tuesday, October 10, 2017

By: Madison Dutily

Not many people have heard about this furry little rodent -- the chinchilla, the world's softest animal. These little rodents live in South America with their colonies called herds. Chinchillas are so tiny, they're smaller than ground squirrels. These animals are popular pets, but, you should only purchase one if you are an experienced pet owner. Chinchillas are herbivores, which means they only eat plants. If you travel to South America you can find chinchillas in Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, and Chile. Personally chinchillas are my favorite animal, do some research on them! You might just find a new favorite animal.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Ms.Fargeore, the new Science and Math teacher

By: Madison Dutily and Emily Flanagan

There is a brand new science and math teacher on 7-West, Ms.Fargeorge!
Her favorite animals are, Polar Bears and Giraffes. Since there are only two teachers on Seven West, they both take on two subjects. Ms.Fargeorge said that her favorite subject to teach is science but her favorite subject to actually do is math. In order to teach math and science she had to graduate high school and college. Ms.Fargeorge went to Triton high school, which is about twenty minutes away. After completing her 4 years of high school, Ms. Fargeorge went to Bowdoin College, she then went to Simmons to get her Masters Degree.Her favorite movie is To Kill a Mockingbird, her favorite book is A Separate Piece. “I've always loved learning, and I've always loved helping my peers learn the things that I love. And teaching felt like a great way to be around kids and teach them the things I love” she says. An interesting fact about Ms. Fargeorge is, she lived in Guatemala for 3 months and lived in Spain for 7 months. She was a nanny for toddlers, which shows how much she likes being around kids.

Dodgeball Tournament: Help the Hurricane Victims

Dodgeball Tournament: Help The Hurricane Victims
Pritha Yalakkishettar

Calling all Wood Hill Middle School students to the dodgeball tournament on Wednesday, October 4th! $5 per member and 5 members per team. There is even a spirit award for the team wearing the best costumes! All donations go towards benefitting the victims of the hurricanes.

The tournament is from 2:30 - 3:30 PM and there will be drinks, snacks and other refreshments. The winners of the tournament will receive gift cards to Orange Leaf! If you aren’t able to make it but you would still like to help the hurricane victims you can always just donate some money, every little piece counts! Mrs. Rodgers and Mrs. Gross, the two teachers that are running this great event, wants anybody who can to participate!

Music Man!

2018 Play: Music Man!

By Tessa Barcelo

Ya got trouble, folks, right here in River City! This year’s musical is The Music Man! It is a six-time Tony Award winning comedy by Meredith Wilson. It is about Harold Hill, a traveling salesman, who tries to trick the town of River City, Iowa into buying instruments with the promise of helping them organize a band, a promise he doesn’t intend to follow through on. However, Harold doesn’t even know the difference between a trombone and a treble clef. But some of the citizens, especially librarian Marian Paroo, don’t quite trust his story. While Harold tries to keep his plan alive, he finds himself becoming attached to the town-- and falling in love with Marian. Some of the most famous songs include Ya Got Trouble, Seventy-Six Trombones, Wells Fargo Wagon, and Gary Indiana.

If you want to be involved in the show without actually being on stage, don’t worry! There are tons of fun opportunities for you. You could join stage crew and help with sets, or tech crew, where you can help with the lights and sound. Or if you are musically inclined, you can try pit band and be the soundtrack of the show. Sign ups for auditions, stage crew, tech crew, and pit band are on Mrs. Murray’s door.

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Climbing at Kieve

Book Review: We Are All Made of Molecules

Book Review: We Are All Made of Molecules
By Tessa Barcelo

This summer, I read We Are All Made of Molecules by Susin Nielsen. We Are All Made of Molecules is about two kids, Stewart and Ashley, whose parents are dating, so they have to move in together. For Stewart, who has always wanted a sister, it’s a dream come true. But Ashley is horrified of nerd-eriffic Stewart, who is just another person from whom she has to hide the real reason her dad left.
They are polar opposites in every way. Those opposites, however, come in handy when Stewart helps Ashley with school and Ashley helps Stewart with social stuff. But as they navigate social issues, sibling-hood, and high school friendship, they discover that they do have at least one thing in common - they are both made of molecules.
I would rate it five stars. It was extremely well-written and I really enjoyed it. However, the content is a little mature, so I would only recommend it to kids in seventh grade and above. If you enjoy realistic fiction and real-life problems, or just a good story, definitely read this book

Back-to-School WEB Event

Back-to-School WEB Event

By Tessa Barcelo

For some people, going back to school is super fun. For others, not so much. But I think that all the sixth graders and WEB leaders can agree that the back-to-school WEB event was definitely on the fun side of things.
The event took place in the Wood Hill cafeteria on Friday, September 15. There was food, dancing, games, karaoke, and tons of fun. Everybody was rocking out to great tunes like Feel It Still, I Like To Move It, and Rude. The WEB leaders organized some games, too, including Find the WEB Leader, Limbo, and Freeze Dance.

Some other fun from the night was a raffle, whose winners were given a ten dollar gift card to Mr. Gelato, UBurger, and Orange Leaf. There was also a dance battle circle, in which participants did their craziest dance moves. A few brave souls stepped up to sing in front of their classmates for karaoke, and even more danced their hearts out to the music. All in all, it was definitely a fun night.