Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Starry Night

By Iliana Brouillette

The eighth grade final dance took place on Friday. Wood Hills' student government organized the whole night. They transformed the cafeteria into a starry far away place with tons of twinkling lights. DJ Riya Sharma played amazing tunes throughout the night. All the proceeds are going to the Dana Farber Institute for Cancer Research. Mr. Di Gloria announced that they had met their donation goal for night. A special shout out to the girls in student government who made the night possible: Vasu Thirumalai, Puloma Bishnu, Inhye Kang, Songy Choi, Jessica Liao and Polina Malinovskaya.
The MaFla competition was open to 7th and 8th graders this year. There are three sections to the competition;  a video, a poster, and an essay. The 7th graders made the poster, and in Mrs. V’s class, the 7th graders also made a video. The seventh grade winners for the posters are Ella Brockelman, Eunchai Kang, Owen Chen, Lizzie Gilmartin, and Olivia Dionisio. The video winners were Simran Bajaj and Isabel Tu. The 8th graders wrote an essay. The winners are John Lee, Abigail Chou, Namya Saini, Rohini Josh,and Polina Malinovskaya. The topic this year was “languages transform individuals into communities”. The winners of this first competition will move on to the state competition in Springfield. The posters are very beautiful and the essays were very thoughtful. 

Deadline Extended for Yearbook Orders

By Iliana Brouillette

The new yearbook is nearly complete with all of the memories we've made this year. The former deadline to order your yearbook was Monday, March 20. Mrs. Veznaian has extended the deadline until Friday, March 24. You no longer can order online  but you can still put in a paper order. You can find forms in the office, on Mrs. Veznaians' door (on 8 east) and in all homeroom teachers.  Cost is $35 a book. Be sure to order your yearbook before Friday or you'll risk not getting one at all.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Buddy Up

By Lisa and Madeline Shin

Interview with Mrs. Billings, the Buddy Up program coordinator:

Buddy Up is an after school peer tutoring program, in which Wood Hill mentors form grades 6,7, and 8 along with a few high school alumni offer homework help and games to High Plain students. Originally, Buddy Up was only for the High Plain students that were learning to speak English, but now, any High Plain student can participate in the program. This program was started at WHMS during the winter of 2013 by a group of bilingual students in Mrs. Billings' class. They wanted to be role models to younger kids, who were learning English. Initially progress was a little slow, as they gained only twelve members in the first year. Fortunately, last year, the program grew to about 90 members. This year, Buddy Up has already gained 26 new members.

This program helps build a relationship between the Wood Hill Mentors and the younger High Plain students. The Mentors learn how to be patient and kind, while the younger students learn new skills! It’s basically a win-win! The Buddy Up motto is “I can show you how to do something, but I can’t do it for you.” Not only that, the Buddy Up mentors make sure not to put any pressure on the elementary children. This helps the elementary students learn that failing isn’t that bad, and it makes Buddy Up more exciting to go to. 

Just for a little shoutout, the Buddy Up program wants more boy mentors for the younger students who are boys. The boys feel more comfortable with mentors who are their same gender. Also, you can join the Buddy Up program anytime you want, as long as it fits your schedule just pick up your application form from Mrs. Billings.

Packed Audience for Grease

By: Emily Flanagan

The musical Grease was so well supported. On both Friday and Saturday nights, the auditorium was filled to capacity. Families of all the actors, actresses, and stage crew attended the play. Other townspeople, who had no kids member participating in the play, also attended.  Many of guests sent Candy Congrats or messages to the actors, actresses, and stage crew members. Candy Congrats are boxes of conversation hearts that people add a message to. Some of these families had friends in Grease, but many just came to support everyone who put in countless hours to make Grease the smashing success it was. Those who came on the second night received a special surprise during the scene "Freddy My Love" Mr. Bucco appeared dressed in a pink bathrobe and shower cap and handed Marty (Megan Gallagher) her "bridal bouquet." Everyone who came enjoyed the play, and we were grateful for the support.

Get your SPIRIT ON!!!!!!!!

By: Emily Flanagan and Shannon Chu

Next week get ready to get your SPIRIT ON!!! On Monday wear all sorts of Boston gear, on Tuesday is Twin Day so find a friend who looks like you and dress the same, Wednesday is college support day, support your favorite college team,Thursday is mis-match day, you know that purple shirt with those bright yellow pants, that your mom won’t let you wear because they “don’t match” well that’s the perfect Thursday outfit. Friday is your favorite save all things green because it's Saint. Patrick's day, all things green are perfect for Friday. The homeroom with the most spirit will win a special prize. Mr. Bucco is keeping the surprise a super secret, so get ready for some AWESOME SPIRIT and some AWESOME PRIZES.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Why did Ash Ketchum Lose The Kalos League?

By Nathan Chu

As you might already know, Ash Ketchum lost the Kalos league. Fans have been very mad about that. No, make that extremely outraged about the unfortunate truth. Because of that, it’s safe to say that he never won any league yet (excluding the Orange league and the Battle Frontier but in my opinion, those don’t count because the Battle Frontier was basically seven “Gym battles” and the Orange League was just ONE round). But back to the main points. If you watched the very sad episode of the Kalos League, you all remember the “Blast-Burn Water-Fuma-Shuriken” combo that Mega Charizard X actually SURVIVED through. But Greninja just happened to take more damage from that explosion and that was enough to KO him. They could’ve made Alain (The person Ash lost to) feel so guilty for working with Team Flare, that he decides to give Ash the title of “Kalos League Winner”, but that would probably go out as a bust because even that doesn’t change the fact that Ash lost to Alain (Only a good battle in a Pokemon league would make up for that loss). Besides, Ash would probably say “Oh I can’t take that offer Alain. Whether you’re part of Team Flare or not, you won that match fair and square.”

But what I’m really disappointed about isn’t just the fact that Ash lost, but it’s also because he didn’t use any of his old Pokemon is this league. Sure, I don’t blame him for giving his other Pokemon a chance, but in the final round, he should’ve used Infernape, Sceptile, Krokodile, Heracross, Greninja, and Pikachu. However, the framers must really like Ash just sticking with Pikachu and his “native to region” pokemon because the only pokemon that Ash used in the league were Pikachu, Greninja, Talonflame, Hawlucha, Goodra, and Noivern. The only pokemon Ash used throughout the Kalos region. That is probably THE main reason why Ash keeps on losing. His pokemon might get tired out from lots of fighting, and the trainers that Ash is against will start to realize that he’s just using the same pokemon for every match. Then those trainers will use pokemon that can counter Ash’s entire team. For Ash, that would be awful.

When Charizard came out of Alain’s Pokeball, it got hit by Pikachu’s Quick Attack, and Thunderbolt. However, Pikachu couldn’t land an Iron Tail on him. But I can’t blame it all on Pikachu. He had lost a ton of energy because Alain’s Tyranitar and Metagross took lots of power to defeat. Then comes Greninja. It defeats Bisharp with Water Shuriken and gives Charizard a tough time to defeat him. Yes, Charizard X did hit Greninja with some powerful moves, but Greninja must’ve hit him with more moves. Then comes the glancing blow that I mentioned at the beginning. And Greninja got crushed. But before you all go crazy and insane about this loss, you should all remember that Ash’s journey (the one that has been going on for years now) isn’t all about the destination. It’s about the friends that he makes and the Pokemon he catches. And it could be about good sportsmanship when you lose something. Or, it could just be about Ash’s journey… turning out to be a big waste because he never became a Pokemon master! But anyway, there will always be something we can all agree on if this “lose a league” pattern keeps up. Way back when, Ash’s rival Gary, wrote on a sign “Gary Oak was here. Ash Ketchum is a loser”. He’s right, for now. But let’s just hope he can win at least one official game-accurate league in this series.

So now you know about Ash’s not-great-at-all loss in the Kalos League. All we can do now is wait for the next league to come out. Unfortunately, Alola isn’t going to have an official Pokemon league. So if Ash actually manages to win a league, it had better happen soon. Oh well. Let’s pretend that this never happened and enjoy Sun and Moon.