Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Snow Day Situation

By: Emily Flanagan, Aimee Li, Vivian Tang

Wait, we have to go to school on weekends? As you know we have had five snow days already, this means that we are going to June 27th, 2018. As of right now January 16, 2018 there is a 91% chance we will have no school tomorrow and an 18% chance we will have no school on Thursday. If we have another snow day that is going to result in another day onto the month of June, (June 28) and it sure looks like the chances of having school on Wednesday is extremely low. If we have a seventh snow day we will go on Good Friday (March 30) for a half day. We will also have a full day on May 4 instead of a early release day. If we have an eighth snow day, school would now be extended to June 29th, which is extremely likely if we have any more snow days. If we have a ninth snow day we will go onto Saturday April 28. A tenth snow day and we will result on Saturday May 12. No one wants to go to school on Saturdays including Mr.Bucco.

After interviewing Mr.Bucco, he said that he was going to send a email out to the teachers so that they could “Bring the Energy up”. That would definitely help get more learning done in the end of June. His opinion on weekend school and more school going into our summer vacation is that next year we should start school before Labor Day and come to school on a few of the religious holidays. Of course if you celebrate some of these holidays, you could still observe the holiday as you usually would with your family traditions. The decision about Labor Day and holidays are just what Mr.Bucco’s opinions are and no decision has been made impacting them.

Exchange Students from South Korea

By: Pritha Yalakkishettar

On Monday, Jan. 8. South Korean exchange students came to 7 East and West. Their names are Albert, Kevin, Hyun Jin, and Joe. They are here to experience the type of education we get here in the United States. Hyun Jin and Joe are on 7 West while Kevin and Albert are on 7 East.

Kevin and Albert are here in the U.S. until Feb. 5 and Hyun Jin and Joe are most likely here until the end of January. These students are really awesome, they have so much interesting information to share with us about their home and their school. We need to be kind and respectful to them. We have just as much to learn about them as they have to learn about us.


The answer of last weeks was the match because you don't have a lamp, candle, fire, or newspaper.

The new brainteaser is: 

Q: Who is bigger: Mr. Bigger, Mrs. Bigger, or their baby?

Joke of the Week

Where do you learn to make a banana split?

Sundae school!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Giuseppe Spark And All Things Cars

By: Emily Flanagan

Seventh Grader Joe, has a famous youtube channel under the search of Giuseppe Spark. The name has a very interesting story, Joe’s Italian and Joe in Italian is Giuseppe, when Joe was about seven he thought that he was super fast hence the name, spark. Joe’s channel discusses cars and gaming. He has 509 subscribers and 1,343 videos. He has a total of 199,447 views on his videos, and the number continues to rise. Joe even goes to car dealerships (such as the Mercedes dealership) and will rate cars he sees there.He does short video blogs (vlogs) about cool cars he sees. He also has a dog named Buddy who has appeared in some of his videos. If you are into cars, gaming, or even the occasional dog, subscribe to Giuseppe Spark for some awesome videos.

The Man Who Invented Christmas

By: Aimee Li and Vivian Tang

Charles Dickens desperately needed money. The movie 'The Man Who Invented Christmas' is about Dickens adventures, troubles, and struggles in completing his new bestselling book ‘A Christmas Carol.’ Through his struggles and troubles, Dickens didn’t realize that he is not alone on his mission. His family members and friends were also trying to help him. Not only did the movie reveal his fears and troubles, but it also revealed his childhood, his past life, and his relationship with his father making him realize that he was not the only one with doubts.

On December 18, 2017 the 7 West team went on a field trip to the AMC Loop in Methuen. There, we watched “ The Man Who Invented Christmas”. The field trip tied in with the ELA curriculum, “A Christmas Carol”. “The Man Who Invented Christmas” showed Charles Dickens ‘thought process’ throughout the writing of “A Christmas Carol.” The language in the book is complex and hard to decipher what the words mean. Seeing Charles Dickens’ thought process helped us understand the book more. It was a great way to begin the book!

We thought that the plot of the movie was well thought out and that the scripts were very well written. It showed a lot of how the characters in “A Christmas Carol” came to be. The language in the book was complex and hard to decipher out what it meant. I felt really bad for Dickens when his father got in jail and Dickens was sent to a factory to make shoes. Overall, the movie was pretty good!

The Christmas Carol

By Lisa and Madeline Shin

On December 14th, the entire 7th grade went to Merrimack Repertory Theater in Lowell to see the play The Christmas Carol. The students had to go to the play because the ELA teachers believed that the Christmas Carol book contained vocabulary that was a little difficult for seventh graders to comprehend. The ELA teachers were concerned that if the vocabulary was too hard for the students, the students wouldn’t grasp the story. So with a little plotting, the ELA teachers were able to get a field trip to a Lowell theater.

When the seventh graders first arrived at the theater, they had to wait a few minutes outside before entering. Even though it was a little bit cold, the wait was worth it. Once the students entered the building, they were escorted to their seats. The stage was a little bit small, but the size let you focus on just the center. After some time, the lights started to dim. Eventually, the lights dimmed to the point where the room turned pitch dark. At that moment, the play started. An actor who was impersonating Charles Dickens, who wrote the Christmas Carol appeared on the stage. Back in the old times, many authors would act out their own books. However, in modern times, you would see multiple actors acting out the books, not just one author. Interestingly, this play followed the tradition of just one actor acting out most of the characters.

The actor who played Charles Dickens was also accompanied by two other actors. Those actors played some instruments to go along with the play. In fact, one of the actors played a total of 11 instruments! Moving on, the actor mimicking Charles Dickens started to impersonate the characters in the Christmas Carol book. His imitation of Scrooge was impeccable, and his depictions of different characters were pretty good too. The play retained most of the original story of the Christmas Carol-albeit a little humorous scenes now and then-and the actors were gold.

Overall, the play was amazing. The two actors playing the instruments had great skill and were very versatile. However, the only criticism that some students had was that it could be a little confusing at times. This may be because one person was acting out all the characters. Despite this, it was a great performance and most of the students understood the story well. We can not wait to read the book Christmas Carol!