Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Where are they now?
Mrs. Desjardins:
This teacher was on 6th grade team
Now she’s living a 7th grade dream

Mrs. Vella:
She was a sub for a musical mistress
Now in 6 west she has an interest

Mrs. Conti:
This is a teacher that was on 7 west
Now she’s a reading teacher on a bookish quest

Mrs. Hamilton:
Learn of a teacher who taught special education
Now on teaching in 7 west, she needs a vacation

Mrs. Rodgers:
This is a teacher who pushed you in PE
Now she’s on 8th grade, full of glee

Doherty races to the front

By: Emily Flanagan

Notice: If you like to run then you should definitely sign up next year.

This year the Andover Middle School cross country race was on Oct. 18. Doherty Middle, the expected winner (who normally does win), did the usual and won.

Wood Hill showed up with about 25 runners. The most we have ever shown up with is 28 people so 25 is pretty good. Doherty however typically shows up with a solid 100-125 racers every year. This puts Wood Hill at a huge disadvantage because we are already down 75-100 people.

These races are won by the amount of points you gain. A win is a certain amount of points second, third and so forth. Doherty fields runners in every race so they have a better chance at winning because they have more people. With a smaller group of participants Wood Hill or West Middle often comes in second and third place.

The Gazette would like to give a big shout out to all of the Wood Hill students who ran. Nice job runners you did an amazing job!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Star Wars 8 Movie Review

By: Vincent Candela

Star Wars, the famous science fiction series is coming out with yet another movie. Unfortunately, it won’t be coming out until this next May, 2017. Some questions that have yet to be answered are: where is Rey’s family and why was she on Jakku all by herself? And why did she have such a strong connection to the force?

Supreme leader Snoke is also said to be Luke Skywalker’s grandfather therefore, Anakin was not solely a creation of the force as previously believed. Also Snoke has also supposedly used Rey as bait to lure Luke into coming to search for him. It is also likely that the Skywalker family is cursed as many of them have struggled with the temptations of the force. Many things about this new movie have yet to be discovered, but for now, all we can do is wait.

Harry Potter And the Cursed Child: A Review

By Emme Pitts

Warning: Contains spoilers to the other Harry Potter books

Recently, as many of you may have heard, J.K. Rowling came out with another book to her original series, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. It was written out as a script (as it was originally a play) which made it a pretty quick read. The story follows the next generation of wizards, such as many of our favorite characters children, through their adventures. The main character, however, is Albus Potter, Harry’s son, who feels lost in his father’s shadow. Albus befriends the son of Draco Malfoy, Scorpius Malfoy, and together they get themselves into a lot trouble.

In the beginning, Rose Weasley and Albus Potter meet Scorpius Malfoy on the Hogwarts Train. Given that vicious rumors have been flying around about Scorpius being the son of Voldemort, Rose warns Albus to stay away from him. However, Albus and Scorpius become very good friends. One day, Albus hears his father talking to a man who he learns to be Cedric Diggory’s father. Mr. Diggory beggs Harry to use the time turner to save his son, who if you didn’t know, died in the fourth book. Harry refuses, but after talking to Mr. Diggory’s caretaker, Delphi, Albus decides to save Cedric along with Scorpius.

Throughout the story, the boys learn the consequences of traveling through time and how even the little things affect the future majorly. They have to fix their mistakes to return their world from chaos. While reading this book, you have many questions. Will Albus and Scorpius be able to fix their mistakes? Will they get trapped in time? And is Scorpius truly the child of Voldemort? Read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to find out.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Teacher Feature: Mrs. Vella

By Iliana Brouillette

Who knew Mrs. Vella had hidden talents? She can touch her thumb to her wrist! She is the new Six West ELA and Social Studies teacher. Last year while Mrs. Rey was on maternity leave, Mrs. Vella filled in and taught Social Studies on Seven East. She has worked at Wood Hill for a total of 6 months previously she worked at a daycare with infants and toddlers.

For three years, Mrs. Vella lived in Germany and she has traveled to fifteen different countries. Her favorite movies and books are the Harry Potter series, her favorite book in the series in The Order Of The Phoenix. She was in band and played the flute for twelve years. If you have Mrs. Vella you’re lucky, she’s a great teacher to have.

Mrs. Vella is a graduate of Medway High school and Bridgewater State University. Her favorite animal is a polar bear because she was obsessed with them when she was younger. She doesn’t have any pets but she wants one.

She became a teacher because she had really good ones in high school that inspired her to become one, she said that enthusiastic kids helped. She was tired of people saying history was boring so she wanted to make it fun. She’s the only person in her family who’s a teacher and her only hobby is reading. Her favorite 6th grade topic is Egypt but her passion is American history. Her favorite subjects in school Social Studies and ELA. If she wasn’t a teacher she’d want to be a travel journalist or travel guide.

Sea Bunnies!!!!

Image result for sea bunny colorsImage result for sea bunny

Creature Feature: Sea Bunnies!

(Look for the Sea Bunny Interview coming up!)

These adorable creatures have taken over the Wood Hill Gazette! Though they look like cute, cute cuddly bunnies, they’re actually a kind of slug! And don’t pet them! They are incredibly toxic and can steal the stinger straight off a jelly fish. Sea bunnies will also eat sea sponges and steal the toxins from them. Their adorable ‘ears’ are sensory organs that help them move and hunt. At their longest, sea bunnies are 2 cm in length and come in a variety of colors from white to orange to blue and yellow as well as many more! They inhabit waters from South Africa to the central pacific.

Rumor has it that them may be making sea bunny Pokémon! So if you see one of these cute creatures in the Pokémon video game or TCG, you heard it here! They also make sea bunny plush, t-shirts, stickers, and much more! If you are interested in purchasing one of these amazing products, just Google it. Google has everything.

2 in 1 Movie Review!

Haven’t been able to get to the theater lately? No problem! This 2 in 1 movie review will catch you up in no time!

Pete’s Dragon
Okay, I cried. But I couldn’t help it! It got really emotional at the end. So basically, this little kid, Pete, is in a car crash and his parents are killed. So he wanders into the woods, where he meets a dragon, who takes care of him. Then loggers come to his part of the woods. Pete hasn’t seen people in 6 years! Natalie, the daughter of a logger and a park ranger who is trying to save the woods, spots Pete and follows him. She tells her parents about him and they try to bring him back to society. Meanwhile, Natalie’s uncle is trying to kill Pete’s dragon, after he is “attacked” by him. Pete and Natalie’s family try to prove that Pete’s dragon isn’t harmful and they all become closer in the process.

The Secret Life of Pets

Max has a loving owner. They have a great relationship, rock steady! Until new dog Duke moves in and threatens everything Max ever thought he had. Predictably, the two dogs do NOT get along. After dog walking one day, they end up in an alleyway surrounded by vicious cats. They escape- but not for long. They get caught by the pound people. A mischievous bunny named Snowball rescues them on one condition- they join his group of rebel pets. Duke and Max have adventures all over the city and finally realize the importance of family.