Tuesday, December 12, 2017

This is the Chateau Frontenac that the eighth graders in French class will get to see.
Interview with Ms. Cabaret About the Trip to Canada!

By Lisa and Madeline Shin

In a few months, the eighth graders who take French class will go to Canada. There, they will be eating nice foods and they’ll also look at beautiful tourist attractions. It will be a great spot to speak French! Since we wanted to learn more about this trip, we interviewed Wood Hill French teacher Mademoiselle Cabaret.  

Q: Where exactly are you going in your trip to Canada?
          A: We are going to Quebec and Montreal. Quebec is the francophone region, and the reason for this trip is for my students to visit a francophone country.

 Q: How many eighth graders are coming on the trip?
          A: So far, 20 students are coming to this trip to Canada.

   Q: Why did you plan this trip? What is the importance?
          A: I have a couple of reasons. Students always ask me to plan trips, so this is like an amend. Plus, I think traveling is a good motivation for learning languages. It is a great opportunity for first-hand learning. Hopefully, this trip will help the eighth graders keep trying to learn more French. This will bring them good memories of eighth grade French class

Q: What do you hope that the eighth graders will learn after the trip

A: I hope they will learn to take risks in other languages. I also hope they get to use the language in other countries. Hopefully they will get a good takeaway from the trip. Otherwise, they will learn the culture of the French thing. Some students have never ventured out of the United States, so I hope this trip will help them experience being out of the US.

Q: How long is the entire trip?            
          A: The trip is five days, so they’ll be travelling from April 13th to April 17th. That means they’ll be leaving on Friday of April and will return on Tuesday.

Q: Are there any other teachers coming along the trip?
          A: Yes, Mr. Giovanni and Mrs. Driscoll are coming along with me to be counselors in the trip.
Q: What hotel are you planning to stay at?
          A: I don’t have the names of the hotels, but we will be spending two nights in Quebec and two nights in Montreal. The name of the company is called Explorica, and they will tell me the hotel information in February.
Q: Which destination in your trip to Canada do you believe will be your favorite spot of the travel?
          A: Honestly, I think the castle, Chateau Frontenac, will be my favorite since I’ve never seen it. I like seeing architecture while traveling. I would love to see how the beautiful structure was built. I’m also interested eating at the maple sugar factory. It sounds fabulous and sweet.

Q:Is the trip mandatory for all 8th graders?
          A: Since they have to pay money, it is only optional. It is just extra curriculum for the eighth graders. 

Q: What is your mode of transportation?
          A: We are riding on the bus. It will be a seven hour trip. I keep thinking to myself that it’ll be ok.

Q: Any concerns about the trip?
          A: I hope that everyone will behave nicely. I hope the students will be respectful and that they understand they are representing the Wood Hill community and the United States. I hope it will be a positive thing for everyone.  

Q: If this trip goes well, will you plan another one?
        A: If this trip goes well, and if there is a good feedback from the students, I would definitely consider making another trip to other Francophone countries, like Europe, or Canada again.

Highlights from this trip:

  • The eighth graders and Ms. Cabaret will visit a castle called the Chateau Frontenac.
  • They will go to a sugar shack excursion to see how maple syrup is made. They will have a crepe dinner there too.  
  • The students will see Plains of Abraham battle.
  • They will go to the Bell Center, where the Montreal Canadians hockey team plays.  
  • They will visit McGill University.

Wood Hill Geography Bee

By Pritha Yalakkishettar

Calling all talented geographers! Are you ready for the Geography Bee? It’s going to be held on Dec. 22, from 8:15 am until 9:30 am. Throughout this week, social studies teachers will be using their class time to ask questions for the Bee. The students that get the most questions correct will be answering questions in the auditorium, alongside the winning students from the other classes.
Whoever wins the school Geography Bee will move on to the districts, then to state and finally to nationals! Get ready because Wood Hill is going on a fun geographical ride!

Debate Team

By: Nathan Chu

Recently, the school has just started its speech and debate team. We learn all about public forum debates and public speeches. This club is very popular with many students joining.  Whether or not the school will participate in competitions is still be decided. Currently, the students are working on debate topics for their first debate (Homework vs. No Homework, and Whether or not NFL players should be allowed to kneel during the national anthem). What a good start to this new after school activity.
By: Nathan Chu

Cross Country Race

By Christina Ilie

The cross country race took place at Andover High School at 3:00 pm. The race was on Wednesday, October 25, 2017. Sadly, it rained on the day of the race, but most people showed up. Wood Hill competed against West Middle School and Doherty Middle School. Everyone showed great sportsmanship, but they all knew there could only be one winner.

In second place was Ashley Sheldon, a 7th grader from Wood Hill middle. And in 1st place, drum roll please...Aimee Lu, an 8th grader from West middle! Congrats to everyone who competed!

Joke of the Week

Where do sheep get their haircut?
The baa-baa shop!

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