Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Academic Bowl

By: Iliana Brouillette

Academic Bowl is an extracurricular activity run by the school. The 6 West science and math teacher Ms. Stella is the teacher in charge of this extracurricular activity Academic Bowl is a competition between six schools in the neighboring towns. They compete on a selected topic and partner with another school. This years topic was Massachusetts, the kids met every Tuesday after school to learn everything they could about the topic. There are three rounds in each competition, the kids are put into four person "squads" and compete in the different rounds. The all around favorite round is the buzzer round, it's very similar to Jeopardy. Our schools team is made up of nine seventh graders and nine eight graders. The purpose of Academic Bowl is to challenge kids of all ages to work together towards a common goal. At the end of the year they take a big group trip, this year they get to go to Google in Cambridge. The members of the team are carefully selected. Only the best of the best get to compete, if you were in Academic Bowl in seventh grade then you're automatically in for eighth grade. If your being considered for a coveted spot on the team your past and present teachers are asked. They look for a well rounded student who is strong in all areas. Remember next year to cheer on your peers during the next season.

Behind the Scenes

By: Emily Flanagan and Shannon Chu

As you know the play Grease is coming up but what you may not know is who to give credit. The actors are bound to do a great job. Ms. Rey and Ms. Murray did an excellent job organizing everyone. Under the direction of Ms. Sullivan stage crew made all the props, keeps the spotlight shining, and the sound booth from being empty. You could say that all credit is owed to the stage crew. Without stage crew the play would never get off the ground. Opening Night runs smoothly because the actors know their lines and Stage Crew knows theirs. While that might sound weird saying that the Stage Crew has lines but they do. Stage Crew has to know their cues, when to change set, when to adjust lights, sounds. The play will be a success thanks to the actors, Ms. Rey and Mrs Murray, and Stage Crew for in the words of Bill Belichick “Doing Their Job.”  
Prop for the "Prom"
Drama Closet

The Lockers

Comic2 by Jaden

Comic by Jaden

Ms. Garabedian Gym Teacher Extraordinaire

By: Emily Flanagan and Shannon Chu

Ms. Garabedian, or Ms. G to her students, is the new gym teacher  at Wood Hill. Ms. G always liked being active; she thought it would be fun to teach and encourage others to be active as well. Her favorite part of being a gym teacher is watching all of the kids have fun. She says everyday is unpredictable. Her favorite sport is soccer. Before she became a teacher, she went to college. This is her first job since graduating that isn't a job at a place like Dunkin' Donuts, McDonald's, or Market Basket. She started wanting to be a gym teacher in high school. Ms. G has always loved playing sports. Some people like to do origami or dance but for Ms.Garabedian sports were her thing. Ms G is also a comedian as her students know very well. In fact, when we were taking a picture of her, she was making funny poses. She makes the whole class laugh with her funny remarks.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Musical Winter Wonderland
By Lisa and Madeline Shin

On January 19th, there will be a winter concert at the Wood Hill auditorium.  It will start at one pm, but for the students that are playing or singing music, they must come at 12:30 to the auditorium.  Chorus, Orchestra, and Band will perform on this day.  At the concert, you can hear appealing music played by these three groups.  Each group’s music is different, but you will be amazed of how it is to hear music in many different styles.  These students have been preparing and playing music for a long time, so they are pumped for the concert.  This concert is a lesson to the audience that hard work pays off in the end.

This year, many students will be participating in the winter concert.  The three musical groups each have wonderful songs to play.  Ms. Elliott, Mr. Wright, and Mrs. Pratt are just few of the great people who have contributed to this concert.  When the winter concert does come around though, there will be some rules to follow.  The main rule is to stay silent while the players are performing.  It is disrespectful and talking distracts you from the delightful music. The students who are playing have practiced hard for this concert and disrupting their performance is not advised.  The other rule is to enjoy listening to the music.  The music varies from hymns to drum beating, so you hear a lot of diverse music.

Are you ready for a snow shower of sparkly music from the Orchestra?  Or a huge blast of singing from the Chorus or a nice snowflake tune from the flute?  The student’s performance will amaze you with their determination for good wintery music.  The rhythm and intonation will blow the snow out of your yard.  If you enjoy the concert, you can watch it again at 7:00 pm, but with your family.  Whatever it is, wear a warm jacket because the ultimate snowstorm is coming, the Winter Concert.