Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Teacher Feature: Ms. Early

By: Iliana Brouillette
Interview By: Arianna Hinds

Mrs. Early is the new Special Education teacher. You can find her room is on the 6 West wing. The three months she has been at Wood Hill has given her a chance to get a nice glimpse of the school She loves the community of the students and faculty. Outside of the school, she enjoys shopping, dancing, and coaching field hockey.  Forever whimsical, she believes in unicorns, and prefers ice cream over cake. By the way, the panda is her spirit animal.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Teacher Feature: Mrs. Bobzin

By: Shannon Chu and Emily Flanagan

Ms. Bobzin is a new chorus teacher this year at Wood Hill. She grew up in South Jersey in the cornfields. She is an Alto that sings Frauenliebe und Leben, a song cycle by Schumann. She wants the chorus to make powerful music. As a kid she played softball, did Girl Scouts and liked to run around and enjoyed playing with bugs.

She sang in chorus as a kid and loved it so much she wanted to continue her passion her entire life. After school she likes to folk dance. If she was not a chorus teacher, she would want to sing in choirs and dance all over the country. Her favorite part of her job is when a group gets a hard song and everyone gets super excited. When she was in school her favorite subjects were choir (because she loves to sing) and Latin. Her favorite animals are cats and chickadees, likewise she has one cat for a pet. Her favorite part of teaching middle school chorus is being able to explore the meaning of the world and sense of self through the power of song.

Teacher Feature: Mrs. Craven

By: Iliana Brouillette
Interview By: Jasmine Stevens

Mrs. Craven is a new special education teacher down on the
6 West wing. Before Wood Hill she went to Burlington High, worked as a property manager and a daycare provider. Her favorite subject was ELA. She became a special education teacher because she has a special needs brother and saw how her brother's teacher helped others. She is a social thinking and math teacher, her favorite part of this job is working with other social thinking teachers, as well as children in small groups. After school she can't do very much because she has children, which is why she would be a stay at home mom if she wasn't a teacher. Her favorite movie is Les Miserables. Her favorite book is the Bible and she went on a mission trip to Trinidad a few years ago.

Teacher Feature: Mrs. Pratt

By: Shannon Chu and Emily Flanagan

Mrs. Pratt is a new chorus teacher this year at Wood Hill. She grew up in Ludlow, Mass. When she was a kid, she played softball, soccer, accordion, saxophone, and band. She didn’t take chorus until she was in high school, she is an Alto. She sings songs depending on her mood. 

She loves teaching the Middle School Chorus’ because she gets to help students have a deeper understanding of music when they are given the correct material. She has a chinchilla who is one of her great friends and her most beloved pet. She loves listening to the Fall Out Boy so anything by them is a huge hit in her world. She thinks that there is nothing better than a chorus coming together to sing the beautiful song Hallelujah by Handel. She thought that the chorus who sang that song is the way music should be sang, with power, strength and harmony. 

She wants the Wood Hill chorus to learn that singing does not make a song wonderful it's the emotion you put into it. She believes that it takes power, voice, and strength to make a song come to life.

Get Ready, To Get Crafty

By: Emily Flanagan; Editing by Shannon Chu

The Holiday Craft Fair is annually held in the Wood Hill Gymnasium. It is a chance for people to learn about money managing, advertising, and much more business ways. Adults who have their own business get to get a little exposure and grade school kids get to see if they are meant for the world of business.

The holiday craft fair this year was a smashing success. Everything from soap to brownies were sold. There were lots of participants. Everyone who participated did an amazing job! They sold their best products that they have worked incredibly hard on. Everyone at the craft fair were supportive and positive to all of the younger children who gave their hand at being business girls and boys.

Wood Hill students featured at the fair included Jules Cauvet making French crepes, Catie Francis and Mimi Cung with crafts and treats, Emily and Sarah Haley with photography, needle felting and bracelets, Alex Hazelwood and Julia Savio with chocolate covered Rice Krispie treats and snacks, Shreya Manikandan with jewelry and bookmarks, Miranda Fernandez with cookies in a jar, as well as a few more student crafters.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Where are they now?

Where are they now?
Mrs. Desjardins:
This teacher was on 6th grade team
Now she’s living a 7th grade dream

Mrs. Vella:
She was a sub for a musical mistress
Now in 6 west she has an interest

Mrs. Conti:
This is a teacher that was on 7 west
Now she’s a reading teacher on a bookish quest

Mrs. Hamilton:
Learn of a teacher who taught special education
Now on teaching in 7 west, she needs a vacation

Mrs. Rodgers:
This is a teacher who pushed you in PE
Now she’s on 8th grade, full of glee

Doherty races to the front

By: Emily Flanagan

Notice: If you like to run then you should definitely sign up next year.

This year the Andover Middle School cross country race was on Oct. 18. Doherty Middle, the expected winner (who normally does win), did the usual and won.

Wood Hill showed up with about 25 runners. The most we have ever shown up with is 28 people so 25 is pretty good. Doherty however typically shows up with a solid 100-125 racers every year. This puts Wood Hill at a huge disadvantage because we are already down 75-100 people.

These races are won by the amount of points you gain. A win is a certain amount of points second, third and so forth. Doherty fields runners in every race so they have a better chance at winning because they have more people. With a smaller group of participants Wood Hill or West Middle often comes in second and third place.

The Gazette would like to give a big shout out to all of the Wood Hill students who ran. Nice job runners you did an amazing job!