Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Wolf Hollow Field Trip

By Pritha Yalakkishettar

On November 8 the seventh graders took a trip to Wolf Hollow in Ipswich, MA. This place was started by Mr. Zee, our very own art teacher’s father. After Mr. Zee’s dad passed away Mr. Zee took on the wolves. Currently they have “6 and a half” wolves in the sanctuary, one of them is half wolf half dog, that’s why it's “6 and a half.”  Their names are Arrow, Grendel, Neveah, Bear, Argus, Linnea and Osa. Bear is the hybrid between the wolf and a dog, he was to be euthanized because it is illegal to keep a crossbreed between a dog and a wolf but thanks to Wolf Hollow he was saved.

We all know that Mr. Zee’s passion is all about art, he is brilliant at it and he loves it. But his other passion is working with the wolves at Wolf Hollow.

The wolves were not trained obviously, because as Mr. Zee told us, that if they tried to train them and tell them what to do they would try and start to challenge the humans that they worked with. Mr. Zee is very proud of what Wolf Hollow has become and it’s all about LET’S SAVE THE WOLVES! There was a point in time when people in America were completely wiping out the wolves killing them on purpose and setting traps. I at least thought that was absolutely horrific that’s why Wolf Hollow is trying to bring back these majestic creatures.

We had a great time at Wolf Hollow, we learned a lot about wolves and their lives. The link to Wolf Hollow’s website is down below, anyone who is interested should totally check it out! Also the down below is a picture of Argus.

Fall Gala-A Night to Remeber

By: Madison Dutily

Wow, Mrs. Pratt and Mrs. Bobson never fail to impress us! On November 6, 2017, Andover High School, and all three Middle Schools had a Fall Gala. Mrs. Pratt and Mrs. Bobson were in charge of directing all the Middle Schools. All the Middle Schools, performed “ The Raven”, and “ And the Night shall Be filled with Music.” We also did a song with choreography, with the high schoolers called “ Brand New You” from the Broadway musical “13”. During the 15 minute breaks in between the concerts, there was a concession stand selling water, chips, candy, raffle tickets, and pins to support the High School’s performing arts.

Professor Fix It: I Need Someone

Dear Professor Fix It,
I can't seem to tell who is my real friend because everything is getting hard for me and I need someone to be there.
I Need Someone
Dear I Need Someone,
We've all been there. Go to the wall at the top of the sixth grade stairs. Do you see all the footprints? Those are people who have something going on that no one knows about. Your real friends are the ones who are always there for you. There the ones who don't tease you, be mean to you, or make you feel bad about yourself. If they are doing that then they aren't your real friends. Good friends should be there for you good, or bad news.
Hope that helps,

Professor Fix-It

Creature Feature: Gerbils

By: Pritha Yalakkishettar

Squeak, squeak, squeak….hear that? That’s the sound of a certain small rodent called a gerbil running tirelessly on its exercise wheel! The expected lifespan of a gerbil is 2-3 years but up to 8 years has been recorded. A gerbil’s body is normally 4 inches and it's tail is also about 4 inches. For house pets they are as good as hamsters, they are very social animals and when living in the wild they live in colonies so if you’re ever thinking of getting a gerbil as a pet I would recommend getting two of the same gender and around the same age. So a sibling pair would work best for them to feel comfortable and safe.

For housing a gerbil you need to be especially careful because they are strong jumpers. Aquarium tanks are ideal for them as long as you keep it closed with a secure mesh lid. Make sure your gerbils are supplied with plenty of toys that are safe for them to chew on. You can also give them empty toilet paper rolls, it is perfect for their non-stop growing teeth.

A lot of people mix up gerbils with mice, they do look similar but they are pretty different. Mice have naked, or hairless tails while a gerbil’s tail is covered in fur like the rest of it's body. Gerbils are also much bigger than mice, are commonly found in the desert and are a lot more clean than mice. Mice are smaller and are much more globally widespread, meaning they can be commonly found everywhere.

I used to have two gerbils, their names were Asa and Coro, which is Japanese for day and night. Sadly they passed away, but they lived their 3 year lifespan and they were wonderful pets to have. I hope you enjoyed this creature feature of the amazing GERBIL!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Tyrone the First and Tyrone the Second

By Lisa and Madeline
It was a sad day when Tyrone the First died the first day he was introduced to Mrs. Fargeorge’s class. Tyrone was a Siamese Fighting Fish, and he was incredibly sick one. There were a lot of warning signs that Tyrone was going to die quick. He wobbled strangely as he attempted to swim, and some alleged that there was a problem with his bladder. He flipped onto one side more than four times. Whatever the cause, his scales were deadly pale, the color of crisp snow.  He seemed awfully ill. Some of the 7th graders predicted that Tyrone was going to have a short lifespan. And he did.  

He died the next day, lifeless in the water. Well, let’s just say we were unhappy that Tyrone the First died in a flash. Mrs. Fargeorge used his death as an advantage to buy another fish at PETCO, for free. She vowed that she would buy a new one. A few days later, a new fish had taken Tyrone’s place. It was named Tyrone the Second.

He was blue with a mix of vibrant red. He glittered the moment a ray light hit his scales. His impressive long fins gave a motion of power to his every move. His beady black eyes shone with pride. He swam with amazing grace in the water. Tyrone the Second was healthy and had no ill symptoms. He is the new and current fish of the 7West science classroom. He adapted quickly to his environment, taking in the premises of the aquarium to himself.  

Being a Siamese Fighting Fish, he guarded his territory with fierceness and pride. Feeding him, however, was a challenge. He ate his food pellets one by one, slowly grasping them in his mouth. Sometimes, he would avoid some of the food given to him! Fortunately, he ate most of the pellets.

Nowadays, Tyrone’s attention has been overshadowed by Panda, our new guinea pig. However, Tyrone still puts people in awe by his spectacular beauty. Don’t mess with Tyrone the Second.  Being a Siamese Fighting Fish, his stunning beauty hides a sheath of evil. Never, ever, underestimate this tough fish.    

Professor Fix-It: Hamster Expert

Dear Professor Fix-It,
What’s a European Hamster? One of my classmates keeps talking about them!
Hamster Questioner

Dear Hamster Questioner,
If your classmate continually talks about these hamsters, I would ask them about European Hamsters. Typically when people talk about things a lot is when they know a lot about the subject. Your classmate probably wants to talk about it with other kids. Hope that helps!
Professor Fix-It

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


By Nate Allen

Three weeks ago Wood Hill hosted a fantastic THINK Week! It made us 6th graders think more about being safe online and kind to others. Everyday we would have a different article to read and a question to answer based on the THINK acronym (T: truthful, H: helpful, I: inspiring, N: necessary, K: kind). There was a lot of very interesting information that I didn't know. An example of this is that Google's age restriction is 13 and older. We also watched the Screenagers movie trailer and I can't wait to watch it in seventh grade. Ismael, a 6th grade student said, “I think it was really nice that the teachers, principal, and staff thought of this and I think it would be good to unplug for a bit.” Raj, another 6th grade student, said, “I think THINK Week was a really nice time to unplug and think about the important things like being kind to others and ourselves.”

One article we read was about kids in high school that used Twitter to post positive tweets about their fellow students. This is amazing! The fact that they're using a social media platform that can spread bad remarks about others to be kind to their fellow peers is very cool. One tweet read, “Shadow Warrior Okay, hands down. You have the COOLEST name out our school. It is very powerful and courageous, you hold such a high authority it seems with such a name as Shadow Warrior! Good luck and the BEST of wishes to you in your future!” I think that this is one of the ways we should be using social media. Social media is a really good way to be kind to others! Wood Hill students can submit kindness tweets in The Hub to be posted to our Twitter wall bulletin board. Thanks to all of the people that made THINK Week happen and remember be safe online.