Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Behind the Scenes

By: Emily Flanagan and Shannon Chu

As you know the play Grease is coming up but what you may not know is who to give credit. The actors are bound to do a great job. Ms. Rey and Ms. Murray did an excellent job organizing everyone. Under the direction of Ms. Sullivan stage crew made all the props, keeps the spotlight shining, and the sound booth from being empty. You could say that all credit is owed to the stage crew. Without stage crew the play would never get off the ground. Opening Night runs smoothly because the actors know their lines and Stage Crew knows theirs. While that might sound weird saying that the Stage Crew has lines but they do. Stage Crew has to know their cues, when to change set, when to adjust lights, sounds. The play will be a success thanks to the actors, Ms. Rey and Mrs Murray, and Stage Crew for in the words of Bill Belichick “Doing Their Job.”  
Prop for the "Prom"
Drama Closet

The Lockers

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